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January 26th, 2011


A film by Cédric ANGER
Leo (B. Magimel) a young, ambitious attorney, is approached by Paul Vanoni (G. Melki), a businessman involved in the mob, for a job. First reluctant and troubled by Vanoni’s past, Leo eventually accepts. Passionate and gifted in his work, he achieves success in working for Vanoni. However, Leo soon forgets rule number one - never befriend your client. As he becomes more involved with Vanoni, Leo must face the facts of his client’s affairs: illegal dumping of toxic waste, murder, missing witnesses. It becomes obvious that the police have their eye on Leo and all he knows can be dangerous. Tangled in a deadly scheme, he’ll have to find a way to protect his family, his job… his life.


Original title : L'AVOCAT
Genre : Thriller
Producer(s) : SUNRISE FILMS
Casting : Benoit MAGIMEL, Gilbert MELKI, Barbet SCHROEDER, Eric CARAVACA
Production status : completed
Date of release : January 26th, 2011
Country of origin : France
Languages : French, English
Format : 95'
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