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February 16th, 2011


A film by Philippe LE GUAY
Paris, 1960. Jean-Louis Joubert (Fabrice Luchini) lives a peaceful yet boring bourgeois existence with his wife (Sandrine Kiberlain), a perfect socialite, his children in a boarding school and his finance office. The family has their world turned upside down when exuberant Spanish maids moved in their building’s sixth floor, the servant’s quarters: Teresa, Carmen, Dolorès, Concepciòn (Carmen Maura) and her niece Maria (Natalia Verbeke) who just arrived from Burgos. Jean-Louis will unexpectedly tie bonds with them, especially with Maria. She is young, pretty, happy and full of joy. In a word, Jean-Louis’s life is about to change… a lot.


Original title : LES FEMMES DU 6ème ETAGE
Genre : Romantic comedy
Producer(s) : Philippe ROUSSELET, Etienne COMAR, Vendôme Production
Scenarist(s) : Philippe LE GUAY, Jérôme TONNERRE
Casting : Fabrice LUCHINI, Sandrine KIBERLAIN, Carmen MAURA, Natalia VERBEKE
Production status : completed
Date of release : February 16th, 2011
Year of production : 2011
Country of origin : France
Languages : French, English
Format : 105'
A tremendous success in France with more than 2.1 million admissions and $20m box office.
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