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A film by Didier DELAITRE
Driving home one evening, Doctor Yann Voline accidently hits a mysterious young woman. She lays in the middle of the road, naked and unconscious. When she wakes up in the hospital, she is amnesic. Despite having forgotten everything about herself, she knows all about others’ past and can read minds. Helped by Yann, the young woman now called ELLE, will face unexpected revelations about her powers and her story. Biotechnology, conspiration and manhunts make this thriller an exciting cocktail brodering on science fiction by the creator of David Nolande with Claire Keim.


Original title : ETERNELLE
Genre : Comedy, Dramedy
Casting : Claire KEIM, Guillaume CRAMOISAN, Arthur JUGNOT
Production status : completed
Country of origin : France
Languages : French
Format : 6x52'