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A film by Arnaud SELIGNAC
Stephan and Deborah have left for their honeymoon – before they even got married! Now their best friends Franck and Lily have no choice but to organize the wedding in their absence. They have “carte blanche”. Except Franck and Lily never met and they are very different. Lily is a hard-working, overwhelmed, jet-setting fashion designer. She barely sees her boyfriend, mostly on her webcam. Franck is the opposite: work comes last. He does everything in order to spend most of his time with his brother, struck with a disease that makes him forget everything. ! ese two have a hard time getting along… In order to achieve this impossible task, they will be forced to work hand in hand…


Original title : MARIAGE SURPRISE
Genre : Comedy, Romantic comedy
Casting : Axelle LAFONT, Serge HAZANAVICIUS, Bruno SOLO
Production status : completed
Country of origin : France
Languages : French
Format : 90'